REDtalk: Come talk to us!


CODE RED will be hosting REDtalk: a series of conversations aimed at bringing together people new to feminism and activism in the region.  The intention is to create a regional programme of action for 2012:

  • Tell us what you think are the key issues.
  • Help us define and plan activities to take place nationally and regionally.
  • Volunteer for fundraising and mobilising.
  • Or simply tell us about what you’ve been doing in your own communities already.

Far from feminism being outdated there are a lot of new faces across the region committed to lending feminist voices to issues of gender, environmental, economic and social justice.  REDtalk seeks to bring together these new voices to form a powerful force for activism, advocacy and lobbying in the region.  Many of you have been working hard in your own communities and it would be great for all of us across the region to meet and share experiences.

Email us at redforgender [at] gmail [dot] com for more information or to participate. Please include your SKYPE ID in your email.



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