Catchin’ Fyah Within: Reflecting on the Poetics of fyHER, powHER and Love

I am inspired to share my learning with those who could not be there physically. This is my attempt to put pen to paper and share my experiences and thoughts of the first EVER Caribbean young feminist grounding held in Barbados last week. From Port Au Prince to Castries, Trinidad to Belize, St. Vincent to Jamaica to Guyana to Antigua we were there to ‘Catch A Fyah’ .

As I sat there with these womyn I realized that there is something deeply powerful, deeply transformative, and deeply beautiful about sitting together in community with groups of womyn in order to learn, grow and “become” together. In what previously I have simply understood to be an un-nameable feminist energy, I now term siSTAR fyHER powHER! And it was in this intimate gathering of sisters that I experienced this fyHER powHER, this deep feeling that marked the shifting sands of an emotional tide. Recognizing that in spite of our many differences we came together to this space searching, dreaming, desiring to be ‘held’ – physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We came searching for a space to be honest with ourselves about who we were and what we stood for, and found that in the company of strangers we saw reflections of the best parts of who we were. We came searching for politics and solidarity in our feminist struggles and found political sisterhood drenched in love.

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