#CatchAFyah: The Virtual Experience in Words & Images

CatchAFyah brought together 24 young/ish women from the English-speakin Caribbean and Haiti for a 2-day grounding in Barbados. We come from women’s, feminist, youth and LGBTQ organisations in the region. We are farmers, medical doctors, students, teachers, artists, activists, mothers, sisters, friends, psychologists, counselors, social workers, writers, reseachers, engineers, dancers, yoga instructors, social entrepreneurs.

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Visit the links below to experience CatchAFyah in words and images.

The Coming Together of the Caribbean’s Future Feminists

Catchin’ Fyah Within: Reflecting on the Poetics of fyHER, powHER and Love

Bittersweet Fyah ~ A Reflection

catching fyah to add fyah or adding fyah to catch fyah?

Quick Reflections from the CatchAFyah Grounding 

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