CODE RED Slammed!

Letter writer indicts the work of CODE RED for Gender Justice, CatchAFyah and the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies for “denigration of the Caribbean male” and the promotion of (male) homosexuality.

He argues that what we, as feminists, are concerned with is domestic violence and that “progress is being made” in that area. Our efforts are therefore deemed unnecessary and completely misplaced since what we are really doing is seeking to promote homosexuality, he argues.

You can read his letter here.

What do you think?


One thought on “CODE RED Slammed!

  1. His line of argumentation, which is not only HISterical but also scientifically unsound, has been going on for decades and is no more intelligent than all such similar anti-woman/pro-patriarchal arguments over the last forty years. I remember similar charges against Alice Walker after publication of The Color Purple, a feminist classic. As a male who appreciates and supports feminist (activist) challenges to patriarchal masculinity and male supremacist violence, I want to say: Keep up the great work you are doing for girls and women in and beyond the Caribbean!! You know you must be doing something meaningful when controlling and domineering men feel the need to speak out in silly ways that completely distort (or avoid dealing with) your actual pro-human efforts.


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