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A gay student from Jamaica is set to challenge the legality of the country’s anti-sodomy law, as Dan Littauer reports for Gay Star News.

Javed Jaghai, a student and Jamaican gay rights activist has initiated a challenge to the country’s anti-sodomy law.

AIDS-Free World, a Jamaican advocacy charity, filed a complaint against the law with Jamaica’s Supreme Court on behalf of Jaghai on February 7.

Jaghai says his landlord evicted him from his home because of his sexual orientation.

Posting on his Facebook page, Jaghai stated yesterday (12 February): ‘It is a reminder that there is much more work to be done to achieve equality for gay Jamaicans.

‘We can sit patiently while our humanity is denied and wait for the paradigm to shift in a generation or two, or we can aggressively agitate for change now. I choose to do the latter’.

Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law, originally introduced by the…

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  1. I have the pleasure of knowing Javed. He is a highly intelligent and aware young man, who is also very brave and determined to change the mindset of Jamaicans. Have you seen his video, and others in J-FLAG’s “We are Jamaicans” video campaign?


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