Police Brutality Case in the Bahamas

Readers, have you been following the case of Edena Farah who was beaten by police in the Bahamas.

A petition has been started which alleges that

She was bitten and beaten by 6 police officers  in downtown Nassau, while conducting a Segway tour with tourists; a job she loved very much.  After putting 7 bogus charges on her and after going through a 2 year trial, the judge found her guilty and sentenced her to 1 year in prison!!


We would love to hear from our readers in the Bahamas about the public reaction to this beating and the subsequent conviction.


2 thoughts on “Police Brutality Case in the Bahamas

  1. This is unbelievable. Under what circumstances could this happen? Last year in Jamaica, a pregnant woman was shot dead by a policeman after she used bad language. The case has not come up yet…


  2. Sheri from Winnipeg, Canada says:

    This is an innocent person. She should not have been charged and should not be going to jail. What is wrong with the legal system in the Bahamas.


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