Welcome, Feminist Aliens!

Check out this new online feminist space: Feminist Aliens:

Alien also refers to those of us who dare to do something different. You are made to feel like an alien from the moment you move outside the status quo, to question widely accepted notions, to do something different or advocate for change. People are suspicious, they ask: what do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are? Are you mad? You are alienated.

So yes, we are aliens because the word is not only ascribable to those whose views and actions may at times conflict with the status quo. It refers to a person who will not be excluded by force, who chooses not to be confined to a space and as aliens; we are explorers, children of the world open to many possibilities.

Join us in welcoming the newest addition to Caribbean feminist digital activism! Have a read, leave a comment, challenge and engage them!

Wishing our feminist alien sisters best of luck!

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