The Little Wine That Hurt Somebody (or, Soca and the Bad Behaving Gays of Jamaica)

Under the Saltire Flag


With the homeless and supposedly gay boys of New Kingston running rampant throughout the Golden Triangle (for that is certainly the image the alarmists have been trying to paint), my friends Ronald and Esther have pointed out that a new phase of the national debate ย on homophobia has opened. For suddenly there is this idea of the Good Gay and the Bad Gay.

The Bad Gays can be several people of course, but the street boys of New Kingston have become the most potent example of the phenomenon. At worst, they are prostitutes and thieves and they spread diseases. Importantly they have no behaviour. They are willing to use stones and knives and, worst of all, an exaggerated effeminacy in order to defend themselves. Theirs is a flamboyance which polite society frankly finds objectionable. An article in the Jamaica Gleaner of April 7, narrates the recent incident of aโ€ฆ

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