One Day with Walking Into Walls

Walking Into Walls is an amazing violence against women project run by four hardworking young women from Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda.

They provide daily links to stories about violence against women and girls in the Caribbean.

In this post I’ll share with you all the links they’ve posted today so that you can get an understanding of the extent and nature of violence against women and child sexual abuse in the region.

Cayman Islands: Activist who created sex offender list being investigated by police. 

BVI: Man allegedly assaults woman after she refused then gave in to dancing with him but refused further advances.

Bermuda: man denies sexually assaulting teen.

Bermuda: Coalition for the Protection of Children (CPC) has launched talks with Bermuda’s Attorney General to push for the establishment of a register of child sexual offenders.

Guyana: Trafficking in Persons team conducts workshops

Guyana: Man, 50 accused of raping girl, 10.

Trinidad & Tobago: firefighter charged with raping two 10 year-old girls.

Guyana: Professor Linden Lewis calls for violence to be tackled holistically and for attention to be paid to men’s violence against other men.

Guyana: case of man and woman accused of assaulting each other dismissed.

Belize man on remand for sexual assault of 8 year-old girl.

Guyana: man charged with unlawfully assaulting woman with whom he used to be in a relationship.

Guyana: man remanded for stabbing former girlfriend.

Guyana: Women Across Difference representative says women are speaking out more against domestic violence.

Guyana: man not required to plea to allegedly raping former girlfriend.

Guyana: court hears that man choked his mother and dragged her out of his car.

Guyana: media source reports that a woman’s allegedly unfaithfulness caused her to be stabbed and hospitalised. (Yes, the media is reporting on the alleged unfaithfulness of women who suffer intimate partner violence. I have noticed news sources in Barbados do the same thing too.)

Guyana: news source claims woman reports rape only because she was upset that she was not paid for sex.

Caymanian arrested for allegedly beating up woman in his car.

Bahamas: woman accused of killing her husbands pleads self-defense. 

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One thought on “One Day with Walking Into Walls

  1. Ifasina Efunyemi says:

    I can add another from Belize as so many don’t get reported at all. A man assaults a girl at the club because she was dancing with someone else and he also assaults another woman in the process because of being so enraged. After causing the dance session to end prematurely, he continued to assault the girl on the street until Police showed up on the scene.


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