Minerva Mirabal and Trujillo

Repeating Islands

MINERVA MIRABALZUMBAAEarlier this month, the Dominican Republic’s Acento published a letter showing how Minerva Mirabal (one of the famous Mirabal sisters) had to beg the then dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo to be allowed to continue her studies in law at the University of Santo Domingo. Here are excerpts with the link to the article (translated from the original Spanish version):

Minerva Mirabal was born in 1926 and twenty years later and she had graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. In 1949, she began to have trouble with the regime and in 1952, she enrolled at the University of Santo Domingo to pursue a law degree, but when it came time to re-register to attend the second year, in 1953, the University authorities refused to accept her as a student, to please the tyrant’s will, because she was accused of being in opposition to his dictatorship and to profess communist ideals.


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