Caribbean Countries Told to Prepare for Climate Change or Risk Water Scarcity

Repeating Islands


Danica Coto (Associated Press) writes about ongoing warnings  by scientists who have explained that changing weather patterns are leaving many Caribbean islands parched, insisting that action must be taken quickly. Here are excerpts with a link to the full report below:

Experts are sounding a new alarm about the effects of climate change for parts of the Caribbean: the depletion of already strained supplies of drinking water throughout much of the region. Rising sea levels could contaminate supplies of fresh water and changing climate patterns could result in less rain to supply reservoirs in the coming decades, scientists and officials warned at a conference in St. Lucia this week. “Inaction is not an option,” said Lystra Fletcher-Paul, a land and water officer for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. “The water resources will not be available.”

Some possible solutions include limits on development, increased use of desalination plants and better…

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