Two Perspectives on the Grenada Revolution 30 Years after its Demise

Groundation Grenada

:: By Wendy C. Grenade and Kimalee Phillip::
 Originally Published by Starbroek News, ‘In The Diaspora’ Column, Georgetown Guyana 28th Oct. 2013 

‘In The Diaspora’ Editor’s Note: This year marks the 60th anniversary of that historic moment of national unity for Guyanese, a moment that was sabotaged 133 days after the People’s Progressive Party galvanized the country under a multiracial, anti-colonial, nationalist banner, a moment that has eluded our grasp ever since. This year also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the tragic implosion of the Grenada revolution and the invasion some days later by the United States with the support of some Caribbean governments of the day. This week’s column offers us two perspectives from Grenadian women – one born in 1985 and for whom amnesia is not an option – who urge us to move from the moment of collapse to engage the complex lessons of the years…

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