CFP: Caribbean Blog Carnival


CODE RED for gender justice is hosting a Caribbean Blog Carnival throughout the entire month of January!

The theme is To the Caribbean, With Love.

Here’s how to participate:

1) Write an original post based on the theme or share something you’ve written before which you think fits.

2) Share your post with us on facebook, twitter, via email [redforgender at gmail dot com] or even in the comments below.

3) Be sure to leave a link to this post on your post letting users know about the carnival.

4) We’ll share them as they come in and collate them on our blog when the carnival closes.

5) Use the hashtag #dearcaribbean

6) Visit the e-Mas Caribbean Blog Carnival page for real-time updates & new submissions

Any blogger from the multilingual, multi-ethnic Caribbean and its diaspora can participate. We welcome a diversity of voices, approaches, ages, styles, sub-themes including:  gender, sexuality, race, love, dis/ability, economic crisis, activism, art, politricks, tech & media, your dreams for the region etc.

Don’t yet have a blog but a carnival neva miss you yet?  We welcome guest posts and will post them here once they respect our submissions guidelines.

Still confused about what a blog carnival is? Think of all the usual ingredients of a Caribbean carnival and try to replicate those with words, images and/or sound.  The theme is broad enough that you can guh to town pun it!

Full disclosure: the inspiration for this blog carnival came from “Why I still deh hey..” on the Thoughts of a Minibus Traveller Blog.

Edited to add: Vidya, who inspired this call for submissions,  has reminded me that not all Caribbean countries have carnival:

“Just thinking that since Carnival is mostly in the Anglo Caribbean.. a TT thing, that some of us might not understand and I do not know if there are other things like cook up rice, or callaloo.. well even those things are not across the Caribbean.. “

He’s right.  There’s no carnival where I come from either. So how about some letters To the Caribbean, With Love?

20 thoughts on “CFP: Caribbean Blog Carnival

    • Hi Chantal, you don’t even need to write! You could submit video, photography, art. Plus, social media has made writers out of all of us. Do you have a letter you want to submit To the Caribbean, With Love? Please do!


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