Justice for Colwyn Harding

for de record

In a country where law enforcement has a history of brutality and misconduct, we have been slow in condemning the vicious assault of young Colwyn Harding.

On Friday last Kaieteur News reported that Harding was assaulted, brutalised and forcibly sodomized with a baton by a police rank last November. The police waited days before taking him to the hospital and nearly two months after, he remains hospitalised in a critical condition.

The case was then afforded the usual social media treatment of atrocities in our society- a few persons highlighted it, a handful expressed outraged, and the large majority never mentioned a word about it. This majority includes our political leaders, civil society, and ordinary citizens who would have read about it and basically looked away.

Notably, an online campaign was initiated by a concerned few to solicit funds and assist Harding’s mother in securing colostomy bags to aid in…

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