Let’s help our girls fight for not against each other

for de record

The recent videos circulating on social media publicising street brawls of uniform-clad school girls were not surprising – it was easy to view the videos and remember personal school experiences, our own crushes, the nasty fallouts and fights. Except now these schools brawls are being broadcast because of the availability of smartphones, Facebook and the compulsion to share everything.

School girls physically abusing each other because of “a man” is sadly not a new phenomenon but when do we become concerned, if at all? Maybe when a few statistics hit us in the face like the alarming number of teenage pregnancies in the country or the troubling number of young girls who are just into secondary school and are already committing to sexual relationships.

We should be concerned with the rising level of violence in our schools, including the roadside bust-ups and as recorded in the recent video, the salvos…

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