Reclaiming Self, Street, Society (for Tyra and Jada and all of us)


I recently wrote about an encounter I had with a man while I was walking down the street. He offered me a lift (on his squeaky bicycle); I politely declined, and he rode away. As a woman walking alone on the street, such encounters are a regular occurrence. The reason that particular encounter was noteworthy (besides the squeaky bicycle 😉 was his calm and non-aggressive response after I declined; other men, more often than not, continue to harass long after disinterest has been made clear. Sometimes their attention turns abusive with rejection and sometimes I have to “play mad” and/or buse them before they leave me alone. So when a man takes ‘no’ quietly- well that is something to write home about. Sad, isn’t it? But that is where we are today as a society.

A couple days after I wrote about bicycle man, I read an article written by…

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