Schoolboys’ chant/President’s rant


A 2012 youtube video shows Barbadian schoolboys chanting an original pro-rape song: Tek dickey and roll

Tek dickey and roll (x2)

Yuh wan charge me for rape

Who see? Not a soul


Reports that Haitian President, Michel Martelly, threatened a woman with sexual violence because she sought to hold him accountable to the people:

On Tuesday, June 28, 2015, during a campaign rally in the city of Miraguane, president Michel Martelly did not use any diplomacy in addressing a woman in the crowd who was challenging his accomplishment in the region. The President replied to the surprise of many by telling the woman in Haitian Creole she should undress and allow the men at the campaign rally to sodomize her. He also stated that he would bring her on stage and do the same. The Haitian Head of State furthermore said if he was not president he would have broken her jaw. 

An August 6 BBC report claims Martelly told the woman “go get a man and go into the bushes” after she complained about the lack of electricity in her area. The BBC reports that “In response to the incident, Women’s Affairs Minister Yves Rose Morquette, Social Affairs Minister Victor Benoit and Secretary of State for Alphabetisation Mozart Clerisson announced on Wednesday that they would step down from their posts.” The website which hosted audio of the President’s remarks is currently and conveniently offline.

Just two months earlier, Guyanese feminist activist, Sherlina Nageer, was subjected to similar sexual violence from an elected official. A New York Times article on Caleb Orozco’s fight against Belize’s anti-gay laws mentions that, Lisa Showman, one of his attorney’s “received explicit rape threats” but the significance of this gets lost in the story the NYT has to tell, though misogyny and anti-gay violence are rooted in hetero/sexism.

Rape is a footnote. Schoolboys can delight in it and Presidents can threaten women citizens with it.


Feminist activists are told that we need to meet heterosexual men where they are, that we need to allow men their misogyny (as if we have a choice in the matter?) as gender equality is a process that cannot be preempted by our claims to full humanity. We need to be patient and quiet and good.  Misogyny is the fabric that our society is made of.  Best to lean in rather than undo.  Better to workshop than unravel de damn ting!


Some days Caribbean queer feminist brilliance beats so boldly it drowns out the constant and multi-directional message that women and girls don’t matter. And the rest of the time? That schoolboys’-chant-President’s-rant stays in your head.


Be Man.2 or die trying. Take Others with you.

3 thoughts on “Schoolboys’ chant/President’s rant

  1. Ana says:

    It’s really sad that this is the reality that females have to live in. The world is still very much and will in the foreseeable future be hostile towards female. Sadly, many think that this is the nature of males, violence, misogyny etc. but feminists in general still see the humanity in males and will hold and fight for a better Earth for females. How long will we have to wait for such a world?


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