Anti-black misogyny thrives in majority black countries #blackfeminisms

Bahamian legislator, Richard Lightbourn, recently proposed that “the country adopt legislation that mandates unwed mothers with more than two children have their “tubes tied” in an effort to curtail the country’s social ills.”

Anti-black racism thrives in majority black countries.

The legislator is suggesting the erasure of poor black Bahamians via the misogynist practice of forced sterilisation.

Let’s break down the anti-black, anti-poor misogyny at work here:

1. Quiet as it’s kept, formal, legal marriage is a minority experience among Afro-Caribbean people. So a phrase like “unmarried women” is bullshit in and of itself. We are not defined by marriage nor in relation to it (and that’s a good thing!).

2. Women decide if and how many children they are going to have and the timing and spacing of these children. That is what’s known as bodily autonomy. Nobody does anything to your body without your consent. Politicians don’t get to write laws to forcibly sterilize women.

3. Violating women’s rights doesn’t prevent crime and poverty. It is a crime!

4. Legislators are supposed to be doing the tough work of making societies more equitable not arguing that they way to reduce poverty is for poor black people not to exist!

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