How we ah go mek dis movement move?

Join the CatchAFyah Caribbean Feminist Network and connect with us!  Fill out the sign up form  available here to learn how you can help us build a movement.

9 thoughts on “CatchAFyah

  1. 1000 Words Media says:

    Good luck with the movement; particularly with building up the young ones, many of whomseem to be totally unconscious of what iy really means to be a woman. You have my wholehearted support.


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  3. Here’s hoping that one day, Women – not just of the pregnant variety, but *OTHER* people’s Mothers, Sisers, Daughters and Female friends right around the Globe, can ALL say with the SAME degree of triumphant Celebration, wholehearted Joy and boundless Expectation….”IT’S A BOY!”

    (….and actually mean it when they say it).


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