CODE RED for gender justice hosted a Caribbean Blog Carnival in January 2014 under the theme To the Caribbean, With Love, Hashtag #dearcaribbean. Original Call For Participation here .

View all the submissions below, take the guided tour or check out Global Voices’ review of the carnival which highlights the diversity of the submissions.

La Negra Isidora: Calypso Queen of Venezuela by Diaspora Dash

days of our lives – my mama’s house on following in her footsteps

Home for Now on following in her footsteps

Leslie the Lesbian Doll by The Contessa Wears No Shoes

Caribbean Feminists Exist & Some of Them Do Not Yet Know That They Are Feminists by Cherise Charleswell

INTERVIEW: Haiti: Feminist Series 6: In conversation with Souzen Joseph by Sokari Ekine of Black Looks

PHOTOGRAPHY: Celebrating the art of play: From Antigua, With Love on following in her footsteps

On Being the Daughter Discovering the Home of her Descendants… by Akeema-Zane for Groundation Grenada

Ukranian Lessons on Caribbean Integration by Saieed I. Khalil

INTERVIEW: Sustainability and Solidarity: An Interview with Sokari Ekine by The Public Archive 

 POETRY: Trujillonomics by Triunfo Di  Sablika of Curacao

Diary of a Mothering Worker Post #134 by Souldeya of Trinidad & Tobago. Republished here as “A Risky Location: What it means to be an Indian feminist in our region“.

With Love and Gratitude Caribbean Women by Maureen St. Clair writing for Groundation Grenada

VIDEO  & POETRY : #dearCaribbean: On Loving Yaad, Leaving Yaad, And Why Some Ah We Waan Run Come Back by Carla Moore of MooreTalkJA

Dear Caribbean: Thank you for my big head by A. Naomi Jackson for Groundation Grenada

VIDEO & POETRY: 3 pieces by Klieon John of Head Space

PHOTOGRAPHY: #dearCaribbean, Meet Angelika Wallace-Whitfield on following in her footsteps

POETRY & VISUAL ART: Caribbean Crossings, In Motion by Angelique V. Nixon of Conscious Vibration

PHOTOGRAPHY: #dearCaribbean, Meet Linisa George on following in her footsteps

love note to the Caribbean by Lina Free

pineapple an’ plantain only… by Church Road Man

Dear Caribbean: I am Your Daughter Too by Rewind & Come Again

Water Flow by Kimalee Philip for Groundation Grenada 

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