March 2014: Channel Five Belize reports on our Top 10 Sexist & Heterosexist Moments in Caribbean Politics.

March 2014: Belize’s Ambergris Caye Forum links to our Top 10 Sexist & Heterosexist Moments in Caribbean Politics.

March 2014: Stabroek News’ In the Diaspora Column republishes An Activist Walks Out of a Meeting under the headline, “We will not take this stitting down.” It was also published in the Bajan Reporter.

January 2014: Global Voices Reviews our e-mas with a piece entitled, “Blog Carnival Shows the Caribbean Some Love.” Shivanee Ramlochan also reviews the collection for the Trinidad Guardian.

July 2013: Global Voices links to our posts on the buggery laws and the Trayvon Martin trial and verdict.

November 26, 2012: CODE RED highlighted on Girls’ Globe.

Global Voices links to our blog post on the outrage caused by the upcoming government-supported Chris Brown concert in Guyana (October 23, 2012).

CIVICUS, a weekly e-newsletter for civil society, includes CODE RED’s article on the Linden violence in its August 14, 2012 issue.

CODE RED & CatchAFyah featured in AWID Friday file, July 6, 2012.

Repeating Islands republishes our article on Caribbean feminism originally published in Stabroek News.

An examination of the recent CatchAFyah grounding in the context of the history of Caribbean feminism published in Stabroek News’ In the Diaspora column (Guyana).

Global Voices reports on our Outlish article in the context of concern about child sexual abuse in the region.

CODE RED talks about feminism in Outlish Magazine.

Global Voices reports on our open letter.

St. Lucia News and Press Releases publishes CODE RED’s press release online.

Repeating Islands, a Caribbean culture blog, republishes interview about what it means to be a young feminist in the Caribbean.

Antigua Observer interviews CatchAFyah participant Zahra Airall and mentions CODE RED’s role in organising the event.

CatchAFyah’s Open letter in support of Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development is reported in the Trinidad Guardian.


CODE RED cited by Bitch Media

Our article on Rihanna’s Man Down video remains one of our most viewed and discussed.  We were pleased to see our commentary cited by Bitch Media.

CODE RED feature published by Gender Across Borders

CODE RED is participating in the Gender Across Borders special focus on Masculinity.  Read our post here.

Caribbean students show love for CODE RED

So I have to send this one out to @Redforgender …I have been reading your posts on your tumblr and it has been such a great source of information. It has provided food for many lively discussions between me and my friends who (much like myself) have found a great love for all discussions gender related ever since we took a class with Tracy Robinson called “Gender and the  Law in the Commonwealth Caribbean” at UWI Cavehill (probably the most eye opening class I have taken).

Of course our “gender issue appetites” were no satisfied and we went on to take other courses that the Gender department had to offer. Somehow your page has always posted things that provided current and pertinant illustrations of what we were learning in the classroom. It really helped to bring everything back down to earth.

I am so glad that you are taking the issues to the people via the most frequently used media around these days. Keep on keeping on, I for one really appreciate it, as I am sure so many other Caribbean women (and maybe some men) do.


National Media Coverage for CODE RED’s New Perspectives Symposium

(Barbados Advocate, November 26, 2010)

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