We’re Excited About Online Caribbean Feminist Media

Check out these two new Caribbean online feminist media resources:

Air me Now

Air Me Now is a brand new live to air show that debuted on YouTube on June 27, 2013. It is a show for Caribbean women, by Caribbean women, produced by Skeptically Speaking. Moderated by Alison Irvine of Jamaica, the panel of women includes Joy Holloway-D’avilar of Barbados, Lisa M. Shoman of Belize, and Sharon Smith and Angeline Jackson, both of Jamaica.

Bimonthly, you can expect lively discussions on such topics like feminism, sexuality, reproductive rights, human rights, politics, domestic violence, and any and all issues that affect Caribbean women.

The 10th Caribbean Institute in Gender & Development Tumblr

Visit the tumblr of the Caribbean Institute in Gender & Development for a visual introduction to Caribbean feminism and to learn more about the programme.