Black Feminisms Blog Carnival

We’re hosting a Black Feminisms Blog carnival throughout August.  See call for participation below.  Here is our growing list of submissions.

What is this black in #blackfeminisms?

Radical Self-Care as Resistance by Fatimah Jackson-Best

A 4 AM conversation with Annie John by Georgia G. P. Love

States of Conscious Anger: Love Poem to Black Unicorns by Angelique V. Nixon

States of Healing Anger: Love Letter to my GirlChildSelf by Angelique V. Nixon

From Wimbledon to Zimbabwe: Watching the Williams Sisters by Fungai Machirori

Coolie womanist by Vidyaratha Kissoon

How little girls get crushed

Anti-black misogyny thrives in majority black countries

When and where I enter: Black Feminism and International Solidarity by Joan Joy Grant Cummings

Ferrari by life as a blade of grass

Dirt Balls by life as a blade of grass

Cure Oil by life as a blade of grass


Calling all jouvayists, writers, bloggers, vloggers, artists, photographers, poets, scholars, thinkers, creatives, activists!

CODE RED for gender justice is hosting a Black Feminisms Blog Carnival throughout July and August and we need you to bring your fyah!

The themes are:

  1. Breaking Borders and Boundaries: Co-Building Global Black Feminisms
  2. Strange Fruit: Terrains of New Colonialisms: New Age Capitalism: State Violence, Policing & Militarisation
  3. Healing Justice: Black Feminist Apothecary – Recipes & Rituals for Sustainability
  4. Thinking Ahead: Black Feminist Futures “Black to the Future”

Here’s how to participate:

1) Create original content based on the theme (s) or share something you’ve created before which you think fits. (Blog posts, videos, poetry, photography etc welcome)

2) Share your post with us on facebook, twitter, via email [redforgender at gmail dot com] or even in the comments below.

3) Be sure to leave a link to this post on your post letting users know about the carnival.

4) We’ll share the submissions as they come in and collate them on our blog

5) Use the hashtag #blackfeminisms

Don’t yet have a blog but a carnival neva miss you yet?  We welcome guest posts and will post them here once they respect our submissions guidelines. Email us at reforgender [at] gmail [dot] com.

Still confused about what a blog carnival is? Check out our #dearCaribbean blog carnival

black-feminisms-forum-megaphone-text-5266septThe Black Feminisms Forum (BFF) takes place 5 – 6 September 2016, ahead of the #AWID Forum in Bahia, Brazil.

The BFF will connect Black and Afrodescendant feminists from many regions of the world to celebrate the contribution of Black feminisms to knowledge, practice and struggles for self-determination and justice, while building solidarity and collective power.

CODE RED for gender justice is a Black Feminisms Forum content partner.  This blog carnival allows feminists attending the BFF & feminists in solidarity with us to give voice to what Cuban-born, Jamaican/Caribbean intellectual Sylvia Wynter calls “the revolutionary demand for happiness” via black cultural production.

Learn more about the BFF blogging themes here.